Fads & Trends In 1983

From the Rubik's Cube, to Boom Boxes, to Cabbage Patch Kids, to those annoying "Baby on Board" signs, we're covering all the fads and trends of the year 1983.

The Rubik's Cube - Erno Rubik was an Architecture Professor at the Budapest School of Commercial Art in Hungary - the world, however, knows him as the father of the cube - Rubik's Cube. Originally, Professor Rubik designed the small puzzle as a way of teaching his students about three dimensional objects, but after securing a patent for it in 1975, he began marketing it throughout Hungary, Europe and the United States. When the toy manufacturer Ideal Toys contracted with him to produce it in the United States, the cubes sales and popularity skyrocketed. It's 42 quintillion (!) combinations kept us guessing - until we figured out how to take them apart.

Hacky Sack - Mike Marshall created the Hacky Sack in 1972. He was recovering from knee surgery at the time and developed the toy as a way to increase the flexibility of his still-healing knee. Basically, this toy was a small, bean-filled bag and the game it was used in was just as simple: keep the bag from hitting the ground using anything except your hands. This game, which he called "Hack the Sack," attracted the interest of John Stalberger. The two began playing the game and, realizing it could be a hit, began selling the tiny beanbags under the brand name Hacky Sacks. Marshall died in 1975 but his friend Stalberger kept the Hacky Sack concept alive by forming a National Sack Association to promote the game. He sold the license for the Hacky Sack to Wham-O in 1983, and this is when the Hacky Sack truly began to spread its wings as a phenomenon. The boost that the Hacky Sack got from the kid-friendly name of Wham-O made it a must-have toy for kids. By the 1980's, it was a familiar sight on playgrounds and in school halls as kids ended their between-class boredom with a quick round of Hacky Sack.

And who can forget the Boom Box? Did you ever want to let the rest of the neighborhood share in the sure enjoyment of the latest Police album? Get a Boom Box and a crate full of batteries and blast away! Remember seeing kids walking down the street with a Boom Box sitting on their shoulder and music blaring from the speakers? Man, those were the days!

Cabbage Patch Dolls - The poverty level was at it's highest in 18 years in 1983, and the yuppies needed something to take their minds off other peoples problems. Behold: The Cabbage Patch Doll. Abandoned children of a house of prostituting cabbages wormed their way into the hearts of kids and adults alike in the early 80's. For just $40 you too could adopt a Cabbage Patch Child. If you could find one. these little dolls who all had "Xavier" stamped on their bottoms were harder to get a hold of then Elmos during the disasterous Tickle Me Elmo riots.

Remember when we were supposed to avoid hitting the cars with the "Baby on Board" signs on them? In 1983 those "Baby on Board" signs were all the rave. Well guess what? It's open season on them now!!

Do you remember these Cliques?
The Popular Group
The Jocks
The Nerds
Valley Girl

Which Clique did you belong to?

Breakfast Food You Were Eating In 1983:
General Mills Pac-Man Cereal

Post Smurf-Berry Crunch
Picture from commercial

Ralston Donkey Kong Junior Cereal

Something you might not know is that in 1983 Ocean Spray introduced the very first "juice box" to America. Now we see them in all the grocery stores.

1983 Popular Baby Names
Male Female
1.Michael 1. Jennifer
2. Christopher 2. Jessica
3. Matthew 3. Ashley
4. David 4. Amanda
5. Daniel 5. Sarah
6. Jason 6. Melissa
7. James 7. Nicole
8. Robert 8. Elizabeth
9. Joshua 9. Stephanie
10. Joseph 10. Heather

Fashion in 1983

1983 Hair Fashion For Both Men & Women
Feathered Hair Stick-Up Bangs
Multicolored Hair Crimped Hair
Side Ponytails Ultra-Teased
Platinum Blonde Glitter/Rainbow
Mohawks Long & Layered
Slightly Teased Long Frizzy w/Bangs
Curly Short Pat Benatar Look

1983 Makeup Fashion For Women
Face Vivid Makeup Light Pink Lips
Glitter Colored Mascara Blue Eyeshadow
Beauty Moles Punk Piercings
Ray-Bans Glasses

1983 Fashion Accessories
Clock Necklaces Friendship Stuff
Many Swatches Swatch Protectors
Plastic Charms Hoop Earrings
Slouch Sock High Tops
Puff Paint Safety Pins
Beads Slap Bracelets
Rubber Bracelets Jellies
Big Hair Bows Stickers
Braces with Color Rubberbands Croc Dundee Hats
Rhinestone Glove Brimmed Hats
Neon Book Covers Hightops
Trapper Keepers

Clothes Fashions For 1983
Off-Shoulder Outfits
3/4 Sleeves
Crop Top
Primary Colors
Pink Sweater Sweater on Waist
Neon Matching Socks Thick Belts
Long T-Shirts Mini Skirts
Rock Band Shirts
Black & Neon
Leather or Jean Jackets Chains on Leather
Rolled Sleeves Pastels
Sleeveless Shirts Ocean Pacific T-Shirts
Tight Stonewashed Jeans
Zippered Legs
3/4 Length Legging
Scrunch Socks Exercise Gear
Super Tight Minis Colored Hose w/Rips Spandex
Bright Colors Spandex
Tight Leather Pants
China Flats
Jellie Shoes
Parachute Pants
Corduroy Pants
Cyndi Lauper Look
Michael Jackson Style

1983 Popular Slang
"As If" Meaning: I'd rather not
"Awesome" Meaning: Something extremely good, and exceptional
"Bad" Meaning: Good
"Barney" Meaning: An Unattractive Male
"Batcaver" Meaning: Person who wears all black and listens to The Cure el al...
"BBS" Meaning: Short for Bullitin Board System
"Bitchin'" Meaning: Superb, excellent
"Bodacious" Meaning: Beautiful
"Bogus" Meaning: Not good
"Bonus" Meaning: Used to denote satisfaction or one's approval
"Boss" Meaning: Very cool
"Bitchin'" Meaning: Superb, excellent
"Bow-Head" Meaning: Another name for preppie
"Brody" Meaning: Police Officer
"Chill" Meaning: To be calm
"Chill Pill" Meaning: Take it easy
"Chillin'" Meaning: To be resting
"Cool" Meaning: Something really good and hip
"Cool Beans" Meaning: Cool, awesome, agreeable
"Crib" Meaning: A Homeboy's residence
"Damm Sam!" Meaning: Wow, Unbelievable
"Deck" Meaning: To beat someone up
"Def" Meaning: Something very hip
"Deke" Meaning: To fake someone out
"Don't Have a Cow" Meaning: Remain calm, don't get excited
"Dork" Meaning: Someone who isn't cool or penis
"Dope" Meaning: Very hip and with it
"Dude" Meaning: Someone who is cool or A greeting used with a close friend
"Dudette" Meaning: A woman who is cool
"Dudical" Meaning: Used to describe a place or thing as cool
"Dufus" Meaning: Someone who acts stupid
"Duh" Meaning: Stupid, Usually used with the word "like"
"Dweeb" Meaning: Someone who is not cool
"Elite" Meaning: A person who has achieved a high status in the BBSing culture
"Excellent" Meaning: Superb
"Fer Sure" Meaning: Definitely
"Five O" Meaning: Police Officer
"Fly" Meaning: Very hip and with it
"Fresh" Meaning: Very new, used in reference to music a lot
"Funky" Meaning: Multiple meanings, 70's disco leftover
"Gag Me With A Spoon" Meaning: Disgusting
"Geek" Meaning: A person who is not hip
"Generic" Meaning: Of poor quality
"Get Out" Meaning: I don't believe you
"Goober" Meaning: Snot or something stupid
"Gnarly" Meaning: Exceptional
"Grodie" Meaning: Disgusting
"Gross Me Out" Meaning: Disgusting
"Grouse" Meaning: Cool, Australian slang term
"Heavy" Meaning: A situation which is grave
"Heinous" Meaning: Not good
"'hood" Meaning: Neighborhood
"Homeboy" Meaning: A close friend
"Homey" Meaning: A friend, a greeting
"Kickin'" Meaning: Fun, exciting, and cool
"Killer" Meaning: Very cool
"Kiss My Grits" Meaning: A more polite saying of "kiss my ass"
"K-RAD" Meaning: Very Radical
"The Joint" Meaning: Very cool
"Like" Meaning: Used as a modifier, really has no definition
"Like, Oh My God!" Meaning: Wow, Unbelievable
"Major" Meaning: Really cool
"Make Me Barf" Meaning: Phrase: A way to signal disgust with a situation
"McFly" Meaning: Someone who has just done something very stupid
"Melvin" Meaning: To pull another person's underwear upwards in a jerking motion until it wedges between ones butt-crack
"Mint" Meaning: Excellent, memorable
"Moded" Meaning: Skater term
"Nerd" Meaning: Someone who is very smart and socially unacceptable
"Nice Play Shakespeare" Meaning: That was a really stupid action
"No Shit Sherlock" Meaning: stating the obvious
"No Way" Meaning: Not going to do that
"Poser" Meaning: An imposter whose intent is to fit in with a more acceptable social group
"Preppie" Meaning: A person who dressed in upscale clothing and acted snobish towards people noti n the same social standings
"Psyche" Meaning: Ha! Fooled you!
"Rad" Meaning: Short for radical
"Radical" Meaning: Something extremely hip
"Rippen, Rips" Meaning: Something very cool
"Smooth move, x-Lax" Meaning: That was a stupid action
"Solid" Meaning: Affirmative
"Stellar" Meaning: Very cool
"Stoked" Meaning: Very excited
"To the Max" Meaning: Used in conjunction with any adjective that you want to emphasize
"Totally Awesome" Meaning: Something truly exceptional, not flawed in any ways
"Totally Tubular" Meaning: A really cool move in skateboarding
"Trippendicular" Meaning: something that is totally amazing
"Val" Meaning: short for Valley Girl
"Way, No Way" Meaning: An exchange between two people when one believes something the other doesn't
"Way Cool" Meaning: Very cool
"Whatever" Meaning: Universally used for anything that leaves even an ounce of doubt in your mind, usually used in a condescending tone by a Valley Girl
"Wicked" Meaning: Excellent or great